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Slow News Day: Wikipedia Delete Attitude 3 Article

The entry for the third volume of the comics anthology Attitude, edited by Ted Rall, has been deleted from Wikipedia. The cause for deletion according to the newly created "deletion review" (which is a petition to overturn the deletion) was that it was advertising.

Why is this news (albeit on a slow day) on a site about webcomics? Because the complete title of the third volume is Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists. While perhaps a bit paranoid, the fact that the articles for the two previous Attitude volumes, covering political cartoonists and alternative cartoonists respectively, remain and have the same format as the deleted article certainly makes one wonder.

Reasons for Concern

I think anyone - at this point - who denies that Wikipedia has a bias against webcomics is naive.

But then again, perhaps this individual crusading against our subculture gets off on seeing us all riled up. I could easily imagine the power trip - moving in, one by one, having entries that are not without merit being stripped from their database, only to watch the "interwebs" drama explode.

I don't doubt that the Wikipedia "issue" is complex, but until we're able to address it in a combined, validated position - we can only dance to their fiddle. I think DJ Coffman pointed it out while quoting Scott Kurtz - we are not a "cottage industry" but a "cottage HOBBY" (his emphasis).

Until we can prove otherwise, we'll just have to ride out the storm.

Heh, turns out that the guy

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Heh, turns out that the guy that deleted this article is the same guy nominated Ugly Hill's article for deletion. I think I just got a little more paranoid.

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