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Jesus and Mo published in Danish newspaper

It is perhaps a sign of how far we have come since the infamous Danish Mohammed cartoon crisis that the Danish daily newspaper Information has today published three strips from Jesus and Mo in its print edition: danny, good, and badge (though only "good" appears on the website).

The article's main focus is on the current lawsuit against the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo, the result of which is due today.

Let us hope there will be no rioting this time.

Mohammad cartoons

Islam is not a " Religion" as such. It is a way of living and life.


Maybe we really have turned a corner in Europe. The journalist who wrote the story emailed this morning:

Surprisingly enough, our publication of your cartoons has sparked absolutely no uproar. I haven't received a single threat or harsh word in my email box and only very few readers have commented on my article on our website - most of them favourably. Perhaps Danes, our fellow muslim citizens and even our hard core imams simply have grown weary of cartoon crises, which is no wonder after last year's trauma. I suppose you could call it a victory for freedom of speech and the right to criticise religion.


A translation of Information's blog entry on the subject reveals that these Jesus and Mo cartoons were printed partly to demonstrate that the editor of the Jyllands-Posten - the paper which published the orginal twelve Mohammed caricatures - was wrong when he predicted that nobody would ever again publish pictures of the prophet.

As a lead-up to the pending ruling in the Charlie Hebdo-case today - Charlie Hebdo is the French satire magazine, which reprinted Jyllands-Postens Muhammed caricatures - we've decided to print a number cartoons starring Jesus and Muhammed, commenting on different episodes and phenomenons. More cartoons can be found on Thus, Jyllands-Postens editor-in-chief was wrong when he predicted that nobody would draw the prophet Muhammed after the Muhammed-crisis, to which he pathetically added "therefore I am deeply ashamed to say: They have won!".

These cartoons might be of another nature, the context might be different, or perhaps the entire over-excited conflict has settled down to a more peaceful level, so that few people will take offense from these cartoons in the papers. Now we await the ruling in the Hebdo-case due 1.30 PM...

Incidentally, the editor of Charlie Hebdo was acquitted today.