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22 Little Panels Challenge Attempt

I got inspired by Peter Venables' 22 Little Panels Project tonight and decided to give the challenge a shot.

The project in short:

What are the rules?

Rules? No rules! Well, aside from the suggestion that you take Wally Wood's original 22 panels and draw them yourself using whatever materials you see fit, using whatever characters you wish, and in whatever size you wish.

Woods original panels

I decided to go for a zombie theme because zombies are fun to draw and zombie panels only have pretty much two facial expressions: fear (on the faces of non-zombies) and... well zombie expression on the zombies. I only got four panels done tonight, but I hope to do them all

personal rendition of woods 4 first panels

Awww... I just realised

Erik Melander's picture

Awww... I just realised William G did pretty much the same thing on panel 3, :(

Vir Bonus