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SomeryC v0.2.4 Released!

The latest version of the webcomic site script SomeryC has been released!

It uses sessions and other cool things, plus it has cool new features!

It adds some functionality to your profile page: The ability to change your password. In addition to the added functionality, it also changes the login protocol from cookies to Sessions. The sessions are cleaner and neater, so if you've been having login problems, this update should help. It also adds a new function allowing you to add the comic title to your site. (See FUNCTIONS.txt for more information.)

This update also has some non-update related features, like a safer install.php file.

Please post any feature requests either in the comments or on the official forum.

If you are not familiar with SomeryC:

What is it?

SomeryC is a powerful, user-friendly script designed specifically to suit the needs of webcomic publishers. Built on the framework of weblogging software Somery, SomeryC is naturally light-weight and full-featured. Sporting an array of features, from easy-uploading to comic-queuing, SomeryC is a quick and easy way for publishers, novice and professional alike, to get content to the audience.

Why use it?

Unlike larger, more robust content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress, SomeryC is specifically designed for the webcomic publisher. This means it is smaller, more simple, and tailored to fit your needs.

SomeryC is built on a very open framework, making it easy to both write and install user-made modules which affect how the script works. Don't like the comments? Simply change it. Want multiple comics per page? You can change that as well. Want a calendar as an archive? Well, with SomeryC, it is easy to write that code.

Perhaps the best thing about the software is the person who wrote it. If you have a problem with your software installation or code, simply hop on over to the SomeryC Headquarters and ask away! Your questions will be read and personally answered. You can't get much better than that.

Is it for me?

If you are a blogger, author, psychiatrist, fireman, or astronaut, SomeryC probably isn't for you; however, if you are a webcomic author or a photoblogger, SomeryC is just the software you are looking for. Go ahead and download SomeryC now!


You can reach me at tcampbell1000[at]

Zach,Please get in touch


Please get in touch with me. I've been using SomeryC for Penny and Aggie and I'm fond of it overall, but for some reason the RSS isn't working. I figure I could spend ten hours figuring it out or I could hand it over to someone who knows what they're doing...