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Pre-Order Nothing Better Vol 1 Now!

For Immediate Release:

dementian comics and Eisner nominated creator Tyler Page are pleased to announce they are now taking pre-orders for Nothing Better Volume 1: No Place Like Home, the first Nothing Better print collection.


Nothing Better has been running online for over a year and many of you have asked when the first trade would be available. The time is now - to bring the story back to print so you can hold it in your hands to read it and store it on your bookshelf like it was meant to be. The thing is, it costs a lot of money to print a book. Money that I just don't have sitting around so I'd like to do something that could end up being thoroughly embarrassing.

I'd like you to consider buying a copy of the book now. Nothing Better Volume 1: No Place Like Home will be 200 pages in black and white, 6x9 inches, and contain chapters 1-7 along with bonus development materials and sketches not available online. The quote from the printer is around $3000 and I'm going to charge a paltry $15 cover price for the book. That translates into 200 books in order to pay for the printing.

Please consider pre-ordering the book now and support independent, home-grown comics. For details visit:


Also, beginning Tuesday April 10, Nothing Better will begin updating twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Nothing Better is the story of odd-couple college roommates Katt and Jane. Katt is the out-of-place atheist at a Lutheran college and Jane is questioning her belief in God for the first time as they struggle to adjust to their new life in college and each other. This is that time in your life when you’re finally on your own, experiencing newfound independence, dealing with all of life’s uncertainties - friends, parties, late night talks, love, sex, tests, bad cafeteria food and figuring out who you are. It's the best time of your life... or is it?

One reader put it this way:
"It's like Charlie Brown has grown up and gone to college. Granted, the actual topics have matured, and everyone drinks... but the tone is still the same: curiously existentialist, wedged in a field of normalcy."