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Happy Birthday To Us!

Browse the comics Has it really been a whole twelve months since the ceremonial ribbon was cut and BVC's mighty doors were flung open to an unsuspecting world? Yes! One year ago today we officially launched the BVC website with the opening chapters of the online graphic novel Shades.

Go fly a spaceship!

In the twelve months since then, we've added a number of stand-alone short stories, including the SciFi comics The Long Vigil and Immortality (both by E.C. Nickel) as well as the tongue-in-cheek Rad Starjack: Elysium.

Take a stroll among The SpiresWe've also completed the first issue of our tale of high fantasy and political shenanigans The Spires and, while work continues on the second, we've begun serialisation of Lee Munday's desperately funny The Lumbering Dead.

Join the hunt!You'd think that would be enough for one year but, no. It might be late launching, but we're still working hard on our vampire mini-series Hunted (now scheduled to start serialisation in April) and we've even offered you a glimpse of the horrors that lurk in the dusty attic of my youth by bringing you such early comic endeavours as DajbDevil, The House that Drac Built and Laughter in Cold Blood.

Phew! I think we've earned a break after that but I don't suppose we'll get one. After all, w've still got to blow out the candle on the cake!