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Fiona's Time Machine launches at Adult Webcomics

Via Adult Webcomics editor Joe Botts: Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new series, Fiona's Time Machine, by the artist known only as "Adam," on!

When asked to describe his new webcomic series, Adam said, "Fiona is going to be a really funny romp through different time periods and civilizations. The only thing most of these places she visits will have in common is that all the inhabitants will undoubtedly be horny. Fiona does what she can to get back to the present without altering history--well, too much."

Site editor Joe Botts said, "We're proud to have Adam's work on our site -- it carries on the AWC tradition of extremely high-quality art and writing in a genre that usually gets a bad rap. Check it out!"

Fiona's Time Machine will update every Saturday on AWC.