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Monday's Late News Links

Miscellaneous News

  • The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon, lists his pick for the best 50 comics of 2006. Webcomics are represented at #43 by Perry Bible Fellowship and #20 by Achewood.
  • The wedding between Kazu Kibuishi, of Copper (and various other things) fame, and Amy Kim Ganter Reman Mythology Sourcerers and Secretaries) was a glorious success according to a report by one of the McCloud daughters (sorry, not sure which one). Scott McCloud officiated at the wedding.
  • Newsarama has a preview gallery of the upcoming Flight vol. 4 anthology.
  • Actually, I just assumed

    Erik Melander's picture

    Actually, I just assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that the two comics for the Guardian had been in the print newspaper. The Trondheim and Kerbaj comics I simply missed when I skimmed the list. I'll rectify it in the next newspost

    Vir Bonus

    Why do you gloss over all

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    Why do you gloss over all the other webcomics in Tom's list? Joe Sacco, Posy Simmonds, Lewis Trondheim, and Mazen Kerbaj all have webcomics on that list, too.

    Multiplex is a twice weekly humor comic about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the movies that play there.

    Fleen did the same thing,

    Fleen did the same thing, and I'm guessing he's just repeating what they said.

    But yeah, it is on my list of things which are uncool.

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