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Todd Goldman Ripping Off Purple Pussy

As an artist and an art educator, there are very few things out there that I find more deserving of scorn then an art thief. Especially if it's an art thief that steals other people's work then display it in an art gallery as their own. Like what Todd Goldman did with Purple Pussy.

If what they say about Todd Goldman is true, then we should not only heap scorn at him but as Randy Miholland of Something Positive suggest, we should throw rocks. Big rocks labeled "stop stealing and profiting from other people's work!"

Re: Todd Goldman Ripping Off Purple Pussy

Todd Goldman is such a fake and a plagiarist...and he eats turd sandwiches for breakfast.  

Sweet holy plagiarism batman!

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I'm so shocked and offended at all of this. This needs to get out so everyone knows! Side note, I knew I loved Randy for a reason!

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If only there was some way to express the general sentiment in some kind of comics form. Oh, wait!

die todd die

Casey Sorrow

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Casey Sorrow<a href="">Feral Calf</a>

This Todd guy

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In the magazine Comics Scene, there used to be a little section on ripping. People would point out where one artist had "ripped" another. I remember that John Byrne was included in many of those articles as the "ripper". I remember one of a boat in which the ripper copied the boat right down to the smallest detail. Still it was a boat, a generic boat. Most of those rips weren't that blatant and some could even have been coincidence. So, the moral is that it happens, even in the big time.

That said, this is SOOOO blatant that it needs to be seen by people who can do something about it. This Todd guy needs to be hurt by it or he'll do it again.




Clan of the Cats

I have $15 for a... Spartacus... anyone here named Spartacus?

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I don't agree with Scott's proposal. I do understand that (in a cost:benefit ratio) the expense involved in bringing a law suit to Todd could result in little fiscal reward whereas making the image public domain would be free, increase supply of the image, and hopefully lower the demand for Todd's art - as well as making Todd a pariah in certain circles. I don't know if Todd considers being an outcast by webcartoonists as a horrible punishment and I also don't know if increasing the number of competitors selling cats-praying-for-our-deaths t-shirts a threat to Todd's livelihood (it possibly can- I just don't know).

I have always felt that the copyright/plagarism laws were put in place to protect creators from having their ideas ripped off by people with the resources to profit from creators' ideas. An extreme example would be: Walt Disney creates a PvP animated feature with all of the assorted merchandise associated. It is currently beyond Scott's financial means to flesh out his ideas into blockbuster animated musicals and all of the action figures, lunchboxes, bedspreads, etc.. The Disney Corporation can easily produce all of it and has the ability to profit from it. Will Scott choose not to sue because a lawsuit is too expensive and thus make PvP public domain (although it's probably easier to prove damages with the extreme example)?

And I know that I am classically categorized as a "hater" because I tend to whine about webcomic creators profiting from popular culture references on t-shirts that have nothing to do with their comics/creations. I'm surprised that those creators that I gripe about are taking Dave's side on this issue. I would have thought that the opposing argument would have mentioned, "Dave wasn't making any money from his Purple Pussy image so why are you hatin' on Todd? Don't hate the Todd - just hate the capitalism!"



Scott Kurtz has an

Scott Kurtz has an interesting proposal. Kind of like Spartacus. :D

It's a cute idea

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I don't see Schmorky endorsing it (he showed up in Scott's comment thread) but he didn't diss it either...

I liked Kris Straub's comic on it at Starslip.


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

I heard a great line in an

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I heard a great line in an old movie that comes to mind here. It was something to the effect that a man who steals should be punished, but a man who steals from art is more to be pitied than hated.


Autumn Lake

Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow since 1976!


Autumn Lake

Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow since 1976!

Yeah.Seeing as how the

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Seeing as how the webcomic community is blessed with the gift of hype...I really hope that gift can be used for some good here, and take Mr. Goldman's ass to the woodshed.

AP Furtado


Oh he needs his fucking ass

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Oh he needs his fucking ass sued off.

Chris Jeffery

Chris Jeffery

Yikes, that's pretty blatant.

Yikes, that's pretty blatant.

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No, really, Natalee Dee draws better.

No, really. This guy has an art show? He's sloppy.