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Newest issue of The Paranormals now available!

Slumber Party cover

Issue 5 of The Paranormals is our quiet character-driven story. No big bad monsters or incredible fight sequences. Instead there are revelations a'plenty, including the first real appearance of our secret organization Arcanom.

Please take a look and let me know what you think!

Kudos on the Paranormals

Linda Howard Valentine's picture

I must say, I really like what I've seen of the Paranormals so far. I hadn't heard of them at all until this post, but you've got interesting characters, an intriguing plot, and a very appealing comic-display design. I read through the whole archives in one sitting. (despite being at work, where I'm not supposed to be reading them!) It's nice to see a comic that can be completely family-friendly without being lame, too.

Two inquiries:

1) (Why does navigation always seem to be one of my questions?) The nav system is a little clunky when you hit the end of an issue. Is there some easy way you can link to the next chapter -- or at least provide a link to the index, at the bottom of the page by the "next" button? Searching around for where to go definitely interrupts the archive-reading experience. That added a little bit of frustration to what was otherwise a very enjoyable nav system.

2) Is there some page I missed that gives an overview of the comic and things like how often it updates and, if you are publishing print versions of it, how to get it? I didn't see that info anywhere, and it would be nice to know when to check back for the next installment.