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Streamline 4.0

So I recently downloaded the trial version of Adobe Streamline 4.0. I had heard about it from the tutorial page at No Need for Bushido. I was astounded at the performance of this simple program. I could now smooth my lines without resorting to tedious Photoshop editing.

And then the horror struck me, the trial version of Streamline does not allow a person to save his or her work. "Ok," I decided, "I'll just purchase a copy. It can't be too expensive." Unfortunately, as I later found out, Streamline has been discontinued. The only way to have the same usability is to purchase Illustrator CS. I am deffinately not going to drop multi-hundreds just to get the same program Greg Dean uses to draw Real Life, I want Streamline darn it. My only hope is that I will find a relatively cheap copy on the internet.

Adobe products are getting

Adobe products are getting like that. Flex is cool, as long as you don't look at it funny, or anger it in any way. If you want to modify something, you need advanced doctorate degrees in programming to understand the basics of 'hello world'.