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Johnny Saturn no. 5 Available on Drivethrucomics

Johnny Saturn no. 5, the conclusion to the first story arc, is available today at Drivethrucomics:

This is the issue that answers all questions, seals all fates, and so forth. It is, quite literally, the comic I've worked toward creating for about three years.

Drivethrucomics is a digital comic download service, were you get a watermarked PDF (you read it in Adobe Reader) for .99 a comic. Considering that the print version will be $3.50, that's not bad. The digital download of comics is huge right now, and many other publishers have joined in the fray since Drivethrucomics came onto the scene. Sales have been very healthy for Johnny Saturn there, so I'm more than pleased.

If you are waiting for the print version of Johnny Saturn 5, you won't have to wait much longer: It is uploaded and paid for, and currently listed as "print pending" at Within a few months I'll have all five issues of Johnny Saturn available there.

Thanks! Your friend, Scott!