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Kevin Hayman Reaches 7 Years Doing Webcomics

Please stop in and visit Kevin Hayman over on Drunk Duck and favorite his comic this week please. Kevin has now been drawing webcomics for seven years and is a giant example for not ever giving up.

On this day seven years ago I decide to do something I’d never done before. I started a web comic called Kota’s World. I thought it would be good practice for when I “made it big” in the comic book world. It was also an experiment in a lot of ways to see if I could do a comic by my lonesome.

Congrats on your anniversary Kevin.

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Kev is a member of NightGig Studios and all of his his Work including Kota's World can be found on Sweatshop Studios.


Great Stuff

Kota's World is such a fun concept and the characters have a lot of life to them. Can't wait to see more!