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Mike Wieringo draws Silent Kimbly

This week is a guest comic week at Silent Kimbly.

Today it started off with an AWESOME comic by comic book superstar Mike Wieringo. Who's drawn Flash, Fantastic Four and is currently drawing Spider Man. Here is what he said about Silent Kimbly:

I've enjoyed the web strip SILENT KIMBLY by Ryan Sias for quite some time. It's a very funny, gentle and sweet strip that usually involves a cast of very cute characters in scenarios that illustrate a play on words. Ryan is an incredibly imaginative guy and a terrific artist. Recently he contacted me to ask if I'd be willing to draw a guest strip for him, and I was happy to comply with that request. Ryan just posted the strip I drew, and I've posted it here as well, but click the link and head over and read his SILENT KIMBLY archives. You'll discover how wonderful a world Ryan has created.

and here is what i say about Mike W:

Today's guest comic is by one of my Favorite comic book artist. Mike Wieringo. He's best know for his run on the Fantastic Four, and is currently the artist on Friendly Neighborhood spider man. So I was Amazed when I learned he was a fan of Silent Kimlby. He was kind enough to draw me this GREAT comic, I colored it for him and I think the results are Fantastic! : ) I love how Kimbly looks, her hair and her outfit. All the character look great!!Honesty this is one of the coolest Kimbly drawing's I ever seen. I love it so much, I can't thank Mike enough.. It's AWESOME!!