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News For Friday April 27, 2007


  • Newsarama interviews Kazu Kibuishi about Ballantine's Flight spinoff, Flight Explorer. This anthology collects the Flight stories suitable for all-ages, aiming at a younger audience. What will this mean for the regular Flight anthology? Not even Kibuishi knows.
    NRAMA: Lastly, how does this affect Flight 5, if any? What plans do you have for the next volume? Is going the companion book approach the way to do future Flight anthologies?

    KK: Hmm... I'm wondering how this will affect Flight 5 as well. I suppose we're about to find out! From its inception, the Flight project has been a series of leaps of faith, so I guess this is the next step. I'm just as curious as everyone else to know where it's all going to take us.


  • Scott Ransoomair (VG catz) is creating the official Final Fantasy XI MMORPG comic Adventure Log. Seeing as how Square Enix is the copyright holder according to the published comic page, I'm guessing that he's getting paid for it. We've seen similar arrangement before by Penny Arcade and PvP, I belive.


  • Dirk Deppey has a nice roundup of the recent developments in the Todd Goldman affair at Journalista. It covers the Cease-and-Desist campaign and the blogs that have removed their coverage (PWBeat, and Wired among other), the current livejournal meme and the effect of all this on Google search.


  • Technically this was the quote of April 24 I suppose and also found at Journalista. SLG Publishing's Jennifer de Guzman blogs about APE.
    While there were a few people self-publishing their comics, there were fewer of them than in the past, and there seemed to be an even marked decrease in the charming photocopied, hand-stapled mini-comic. Last year, I either bought or was generously given several mini-comics or self-published comics (you can read about that here). This year -- I bought two (one by Johnny Siu and another called "Fremont Girl") and was given none. (Boohoo!) The assumption is that the do-it-yourselfers have moved to the web.

Stuck in hell next to the guy with the booby statues...

Michael Moss's picture

I agree with the article about mini-comics, there were a lot of booths selling stuff other than mini-comics there. We were there stuck next to a guy with statues of big boobed women. I could at least respect him if they were his work, but he was just a retailer. Lots of other places got a little bit of press but pictures of our booth were thrown out or never taken because of those damn toys. Now everywhere I look I see APE wrap ups with that picture of those lewd toys, not that I have too much against them, and know exactly where they were.

I don't want to make toys, I don't want to draw monsters, ninjas (ok maybe), pirates, monkeys, wrestlers, lesbians or racially unique samurai just to please the crowd. I want to make my comics.

It is getting harder and harder to compete with retailers selling crap like that which was to be found all over APE this year. It's a lucky thing for me that I'm, if nothing else, a tenacious bastard.

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