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Unknown Webcomic Cavalcade: Quarter Four

Quarter Four by Saadat Bari is an accomplished, but quiet, take on the "college room-mates" genre. The setup goes like this: a guy with strangely alien social skills moves into a place with three other long-established room-mates, and shakes things up a little. You probably think you've heard this joke before. But what ensues, in this case, is not "hilarity" so much as it is a kind of comfortable camaraderie -- these guys are not funny the way that comic strips characters are funny; they're funny the way your actual friends are funny (assuming you have funny friends -- and surely you do). That's a much more difficult set of characterizations to pull off, and Bari does it well. He also knows how to draw, which is rare for this genre. More importantly, he knows how to stage his characters and move his camera around. When the momentum of a strip isn't being carried by a one-two-three punchline formula, this kind of subtle virtuosity is key to maintaining a reader's interest.

If you like character-based strips, where the punchlines don't punch so much as sneak up behind you and give you a wet willy, you'll enjoy Quarter Four. I did.

Read it now.