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How's Your He/She Ratio?

This blog post poses the question: how is your he/she ratio?

I threw in a bunch of webcomics portal and group sites. Not surprisingly Girlamatic had the highest "she" percentage of any site I could think of. Somewhat surprisingly, was pretty close to 50/50 (at least closer than my perception of it would have led me to believe).

Technical spoilsport note

The ratio-measuring software probably won't read words that are part of images - it would need special image-processing routines for that. So chances are that it'll ignore all the dialog and narration in the actual comics. It could still read descriptions in background-story and cast pages, but those won't have much effect as it counts the number of pages that have "he" and "she" somewhere in them, not the total numbers of the words themselves. So I don't think the results will give reliable information on webcomics. It'll be more suitable for websites where non-image text is the main content, such as blogs or fiction sites.


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So we need to bring oh no robot into the mix.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

Ohnorobot is a good idea

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Usage of "he" vs "she" on (59%/ 41%)


Presumably that's as close to the total he/she ratio of webcomics as you'd easily find. Fairly equitable, considering the common perception that webcomics creators are predominantly male and male-focused.