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Dates The Word Part II

Last year Webcomics in Print did a nude webcomic calendar in aid of Cancer Research UK. 61 webcomic artists gave up their birthdays and were included in the calendar. Now we're doing it all over again and we're asking for more artists!

Send an email to moovok(a) with your name, your webcomic and just the day and month of your birthday (don't need to know your year). If you'd rather not give it, fair enough, we understand, but we're trying to reach getting at least 100 birthdays of webcomic artists in there!

So remember, Dates The Word!

Heh. I was always wondering

Katie Sekelsky's picture

Heh. I was always wondering what the secret project was that I gave that info out for... Guess I didn't read enough to figure out the connection between the two.