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Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Webcomic

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask (apologies if it doesn't sit here) but I'm keen to get some promo ideas/feedback from some savvy online comic folks:

Aside from all the comic-community tactics (forums posts, befriending folks, rating & reviewing others comics etc...) I'm trying to let folks know about my Contraband comic online but I don't want to spam folks or pay have to for it. Here are some of promo tactics I've lined up:

1. Free Sample Comic Posting (here,, Deviantart, etc..)
2. Forum and Group postings (on all major photo, art and general community sites)
3. Online Press Releases announcing new innovative ideas, etc... (, articlebase)
4. Ezine Newsletter (opt-in email)
5. Free Business Directories listing
6. Link Exchanges (regular links with related business to enhance search engine optimization)
7. Banner Exchange Affiliate Programs (with other sites across internet)
8. Free newsletter adverts
9. Search Engine Optimization (sticking words put on sites that regularly get picked up by search engines)
10. Online interviews (where possible)

Please drop a line if you think this helps of if you know other/better tactics as a few of these schemes may now be a tad dated?