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May Update: Cinco de Mayo means free comic books

May Update

Hello web denizens,
RavenCon was great, if you missed it then it is your loss. I had a blast running the “Crash Course on Anatomy Workshop” this year and got wonderful feed back. Next year the con will move to a larger hotel. Look for announcements soon about guest of honor for next year!

At RavenCon I rolled out some some new prints. They are extremely limited in the print run. There are only 5 in the series. These three striking prints can be purchased as a set or individually. It is $20 each or $50 for all three, as a set. I will get them online so you can see them for your self.

Free Comic Book Day is right around the courner. I highly recommend on Saturday, May 5th you head down to your local comic book shop and pick up some free comics. There are four things I am looking foward to and I recommend you should pick it up as well. First of all Mike Baron and Steve Rude’s sci fi epic returns in Nexus Special 2007. Steve Rude is an amazing artist and this well crafted series has been in print for over 25 years getting people ready for the new mini series to continue the saga. I also recomened Robert Kirkman’s Astounding Wolf-Man # 1 2007 for good horror action. Want something for the kids? Owly & Korgi 2007 is a great one for the begining reader. There are no words in Owly and every story has the makings of an instant children’s classic. Perfect for begining readers. Finally Amelia Rules! Hangin’ Out 2007 gets high marks from me. Amelia Rules! Is a fun series about an eight year old girl and her friends, that combine classic comic strip mentality and fully fleshed out stories that is great for all ages.

At the end of May is Balticon. Balticon is held over Memorial day weekend, and is an absolute blast. I hope everyone can cruise on by and check it out, my work will be in the artshow, and I hope to get a table in Artist Alley.

To push forward a more serious presence on the web you can find a more complete portfolio at Also, I have been moonlighting as a graphic designer and to see the portfolio for that, check out: . The website is still in the works, but I have more on that below.

November found me designing shirts for a fund raiser for Oasis Christian Center. If you’re interested in buying a shirt and helping out the center, contact John Colonnello at

This October I had a big freelance job. At the 2007 RavenCon, Balticon, and Capclave, there will be a Worldcon bid party for 1984. For those of you who don’t know, different clubs bid for Worldcon to come to their city. Then members of the WSFS (World Science Fiction Society) can vote to where the con will be held. Washington Science Fiction Association is putting in a joke bid for 1984: A Brave New Worldcon, making reference to the novels Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. You can find the tee shirts I designed for them here:

Speaking of conventions and tee shirts, I have designed the Retro-RavenCon tee-shirts. Designed to look like they were made in the seventies. Check out the shop:

The talented Ross Nover is teaching me things and I will be working with him to build the page. If you want to see more of Ross Nover’s work, he has two, count ‘em, two webcomics he is involved with. Check them out here: and

Speaking of exciting news, I was nominated for a 2006 N3F (National Fantasy Fan Federation also known as a Neffy) award for best Fan Artist. Nominees are: Lynn Masamitsu, Marc Schirmeister, Steve Stiles, J Andrew World, and Hugo award winner Frank Wu. They announced the winner at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September, but I still don’t know who won! I’ll let you know when I do.

Attending conventions is not cheap and although I am often a guest, I still have travel and accommodations expenses to contend with. So that means I have to scrimp and save. That means I need you to buy swag or even make the odd donation at my paypal account. If you donate $10, I will send you an autographed print; a $25 donation will land you an original sketch; and $50, a black and white piece. Also, don't forget to visit my webstore.

***IN PRINT***

As I announced sometime back, I have been taking classes at a local college. Recently the House is looking at a bill that will hinder artists rights. I was asked to write an editorial on the Orphan Works Act and it is appearing in The Red and Black, the school newspaper. I also hope to take this editorial to other homes in print this year.

A small volume of short stories called Mazes by Michail Velichansky is out. Velichansky is a talented young writer whom I know you will hear more about in the future. I did the cover for this great collection of stories! If you would like a copy of this book, please send me $5 with $2 shipping & handling.

If you would like a copy of the James R. Stratton book, Mens Rea, please send me $5 with $2 shipping & handling. Mens Rea is a collection of short stories. My favorite stories are "Meatbag" and "Damn Near Dead."


Balticon 41 May 25-28th, 2007 Hunt Valley, MD ( Geusts of honor include Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle and artist guest of honor Joe Bergeron.

Capclave 2007 October 12-14, 2007 Rockville, MD ( announces Jeffrey Ford as Author Guest of Honor and Ellen Datlow as Editor Guest of Honor. Also in June I hope to have an importaint message about this con....

PHILCON 2007 November 16-18, 2007 ( Look for Eric Flint as the Principal Speaker and Sue Dawe as the plucky Artist Guest of Honor. I hope to have my artclass for this con, as well as be in the art show.

Are you running a con? Need an artist as a guest? Contact me and I will be happy to help make your convention a success. Plus, I will list you in this section every month up to the date of your con.

***ONLINE*** Version 2.0 will be coming out soon. Look for news on that. has the cover of Issue 9 on the web page. You can find it by going to the art section and, from there, going to the cover gallery.

Also, Mike Pederson, publisher of Nth Degree, has started an ezine called (here is a shocker) Nthzine. The first issue is online and guess what? It's free! You can check it out here: Find out what's happening, as it happens, and read con reviews. is a review I wrote for the book Men of Tomorrow. is my review for Howl's Moving Castle.

Check out Ravencon's Logo at either or

***IN FILM***

I am currently writing and producing a documentary on webcomics. I will also be doing the graphics and probably some art as well. A website and comic is also in the works for this project. I will let you know about this more as the project develops. If you are interesting in hearing about news for the film you can join the group here:

Coming soon: How you can become an executive producer!


New political Tee Shirts at

November found me designing shirts for a fund raiser for Oasis Christian Center. If you’re interested in buying a shirt and helping out the center, contact John Colonnello at

Check out my new shirts!
1984: A Brave New Worldcon:

Vintage RavenCon:

Make sure you visit my café press shops:, my official web store. for the cover of Nth Degree 9, now available to wear! the classic image of Frankenstein, now available to wear! complete line of clothes featuring the Space Girl image. to fill out your wardrobe, check it out! for fans of DaVinci's Notebook. Get your unofficial, yet authorized, swag today!

Shadowcatcher prints and the books Mazes and Mens Rea are also available, email me for details.