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Pirate Cove Dropping In To Say Hi!

Howdy, all! Just dropping an introductory post. My name's Joe and I've been publishing my webcomic, PIRATE COVE, since September 2001. For the first 5 years the strip was a daily strip but I've recently cut down to updating on weekdays only.

After meeting some other webcomic gurus at APE in San Francisco this year, I was pointed towards Comixpedia and Webcomics Nation. I'm slowly loading the PIRATE COVE archives onto Webcomics Nation (I like their navigation) but still have all the older strips available at:

The Webcomics Nation address is:

But I only have one story up there so far. Hopefully I'll have a couple more by the end of next week.

What else can I tell you? Hmmm... I've published two PIRATE COVE compilations through and two more are on their way.

As for other webcomics I enjoy, I am a long-time reader of Sluggy Freelance, Scary Go Round, The Atrox, and The Amazing Adventures of Bill.

I hope to meet a bunch of fellow webcomic fans and hope PIRATE COVE gives some of you a good chuckle.

Talk to you soon!

- Joe