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This time, I'll include my comics URL in the first post!

How's that for plugging? I did it all by myself, too!

I thought about posting my trials and tribulations here - that is what a blog is for, evidently - but I'm not that kind of guy, as I really don't like to spill such beans over the opened can of worms into the etcetera...I keep to myself. But! Sitting in a corner don't get your comic out to people, so I gotta talk brash, confident and frequently, to annoy all of you! By the way, this isn't spamming right? I've only post two or so blogs so far, and they weren't on the same day, so I guess it's alright. This is, apart from some joke blog I did for five minutes about three years ago, the only blog I'll have so I don't want to break any cardinal rules or anything.

I'll also refrain from self-depreciation, too; why do it yourself when other people will do it for you? Thanks for reading, even if you don't care!