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Teeny Couch Potatoes

The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that children in the United States watch about four hours of television every day. They recommend that children under age 2 should not watch any and older children should watch no more than 2 hours a day of quality programming. They said the number of young kids watching TV is much greater than expected. [MSNBC]

What is quality programming? If you really want to break down what this article means to say: Ninety percent of everything on TV is crap to begin with. But this article states the kids are mostly watching DVDs and educational programs, so why would the recommend NOT watching these things? If you have kids, you know they watch these DVD's over and over again. If they've seen it once or twice, and never watched it again, that's attention deficit. I've seen my roommate's kids watch Finding Nemo, like fifteen times now. I haven't even seen Star Wars that many times.

What bothers me most about these "news" stories is that they report on inconclusive studies, and give the impression YOU are doing harm to children. Even though the experts have no idea what is going on.

A second study suggested ... We don't know from the study whether it is good or bad... We don't know that it is bad but we don't know that it is harmless...

Come back to me when you have an answer. If you want to know what is rotting kids brains, look no further than American Idol, or countless other shows like it. Sports figures are always portrayed as heroes. Should everyone focus so much on trying to be a professional sports player, or a Paris Hilton? I think many people confuse icons, celebrities and heroes because they have lost sight of what makes a hero different from icons and celebrities. If you don't know, It's all you're fault.

Kids who watched less than one hour of TV per day were twice as likely to go to college as those who watched three or more hours per day.

Holy leap of logic... Maybe they go to college because they actually have parents that don't work two full time jobs. Maybe one stays home and doesn't drop them off with baby-sitters. Or... really there are 100 different explanations how TV watching has no correlation to college. Obviously, the solution is to have a doctoral degree in TV watching. That way, turning into a couch potato is actually a celebrated achievement.