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Alec Baldwin: Self Help Guru

Should Alec give an apology on national TV? Absolutely NOT! Kim puts the private voicemail message on the Net, and now he has to apologize to the nation? Then Pamela Anderson should apolgize for releasing her wedding videos because those were "stolen" right? Anyway, This friggin country is out of control. If he wants to call his daughter names, it's his perogative. Is it the right thing to do - NO... but it is none of our business.

Come on, someone should defend the guy.

I think the media needs to realize their place and stop trying to be the moral compass of the nation. This is just another case of getting a part of a story, jumping to conclusions and trashing someone over something quite likely minor and easily fixed. At least I'm very sure it WOULD be seen as minor had it happened to any of Baldwin's severest critics over this. Maybe a new term ought to find its way into the lexicon. He "pulled an Imus" might do it. Sounds to me like she just didn't answer the phone when she was supposed to. They had pre-arranged a time for him to call her, and when he did, he got sent straight to voicemail.

I got the impression that this isn't the first time this has happened. I bet Kim Basinger is screwing him over when it comes to visitation rights, and this was just one of many little things she does to piss him off and play little control games. Anyone who's been in a divorce can probably tell some good war stories. With that said, he really shouldn't've taken out his rage for Basinger on his daughter like that. That's bad form, and she's milking it for all it's worth from the looks of things. Maybe She'll fire back with her own book?