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Weedless Hook And Lure

Sooner or later, it has to happen - a true 'weedless' hook and lure!! I mean, I want one so weedless that I can carry a crank plug with two treble hooks on it around in my pocket without fear. As you'd imagine, people would say that is just wishful thinkin right there. BUT, I DO have a crank plug like that right now. And, I DO carry it and all its hooks around in my pocket just to show non-believers. Let's take a look-see at the photo and you can see the basic concept.

Hook and guard that would keep from becoming snagged.

They took the concept of a simple tight spring, worked out a way to mount it to the hook and-- hocus-pocus-a weed guard that really does work pretty well. Anglers have been experimenting since time immemorial, trying to contrive a combination of hook and some type of guard that would keep them from becoming snagged. Plus, the device would have to allow the fish to become easily hooked, as if there were no hook protector present at all. We have all seen them come and go, with the styles involving nylon bristles and fine spring wire being the primary survivors.

Well, our friendly mailman brought us a sample of yet another try at snag-proof immortality this week. Via email, we had agreed to evaluate the devices and I am glad we did. This hook protection system really shows promise. Plus, there is a really innovative design.

In the final analysis, the 'Guard Hook' and the 'Guard Jig' devices work as well as any of the current models I have tried, possibly better. Plus, they allow hook point protection and reduce tangling. On the 'Guard Jig' side, the innovative design of the removable/installable guard arm spring is really a great benefit for tube jig users.