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On Princesses

Ghoulfriends"Ghoulfriends" - Issue 6 of The Paranormals deals in great part with the character Persephone, and her continuing struggles with her new identity as an outcast.

I have to admit that I have problems with the character. There's nothing wrong with her per se, mind you, it's just that I feel so profoundly little in common with her. Rose I get, I understand her desire to fit in, the tomboy, the girl who's taller than the boys in her class, a girl who can't help attracting attention even when she really, really doesn't want to. That I understand, 'cause heck, that was me growing up... save for the werewolf part.

Little EgyptBut Peri is the reluctant misfit, the girl who once breezed through life, pampered and praised by all those around her. A girl who knows what top goes with which skirt, and whose earrings always complement her ensemble. She knows what to say to win over a new crony or level an opponent. She's got class, she's got style, she's got money, in short she's got it made.

That is until she trips over some karmic crack in the pavement and suddenly this freakish other half is revealed. She may not look any different, perhaps a bit angrier and a little mussed, but she acts differently. Suddenly she's not even sure what's going to come out of her own mouth from one minute to the next. She can't control or hide this not-so-secret side away, as she's carefully tucked away a few other aspects of her life.

On her own Peri isn't an interesting character, she's what we all wanted to be (whether we admitted it to oursePerilves or not) when we were growing up. She's the idealized queen of the school, the top of the food chain, and she's deadly dull. But throw a long dead, bloodthirsty, slightly mental Egyptian Princess into the mix who can take over their shared body at will, and now I'm intrigued.

The queen is no more, but long live the princess.