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Read Johnny Saturn 1-5 Free on Wowio

Story Studios has partnered with Wowio, an online library of classic and contemporary literature and graphic novels, to present Johnny Saturn 1 through 5 -- each for free download. These are high quality PDF format documents, newly re-edited and color corrected. Johnny Saturn 1 through 5 presents the entire first story arc and is a complete story unto itself.

Signing up with Wowio is free and with their strong selection of free titles it is well worth the time to do so.

"If Johnny Saturn is new to you, I can honestly say you are in for a treat," claims series co-creator Scott Story. "I often describe this comic to new readers as Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns meets Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. That's an OK description, and it has the punch of familiarity to it, but I use that as a tag line because it's shorter than saying that Johnny Saturn is "post-modern deconstructionist paranormal superhero crime noir with a mythological flair."

While it's not free, there

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While it's not free, there is an alternative in that Johnny Saturn 1-5 is also available on but for 99 cents each. So, while there is a nominal charge, that is still the whole story arc for less than a third the cost of the print version.

Wowio restrictions

Unfortunately Wowio's currently restricted to US readers, though they hope to change that in future.