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Interviews and commentary from APE 2007 on The Gigcast this week.

The cool folks over at Nightgig Studios are including part one of our three part drive-by on webcomics at the Alternative Press Expo in the Gigcast this week. Included in the podcast are interviews with various cartoon artists and person-on-the-street interviews with convention goers.

*Brian Oaster – Misunderstandings Between Friends

*Dan Mazur – Lummox

*Brandon Hanvey – Realms & Reality

*Dustin Sweet – Artboy

*Susannah Sandow – The Loneliest Space Girl

*Lloyd Dangle – Troubletown

*David Malki – Wondermark

*Steven Notley – Bob The Angry Flower

*Shannon Wheeler – How to be Happy

*Ronnie Casson – Claviger

*Keith Knight – K-Chronicles

*Gene Yang – American Born Chinese

*Ryan Claytor – And Then One Day

Thanks again btw. These

Thanks again btw. These turned out GREAT!


The Gigcast



The Gigcast