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Grimborg Wallpaper and forthcoming downloadables on

Click to see the Grimborg wallpaper Over the next few weekends I'll be bringing back some of the desktop wallpapers I've done since 2002-ish. Given enough time and good enough ideas, I may even make some new ones.

There was a wallpaper page on the old Comicgenesis ROCR site, but the images linked from there either had become unavailable as a result of the latest server reshuffle in the Modern Tales family of sites (they were hosted on Webcomicsnation's ftp server, which no longer exists) or they're about to become unavailable (the older images are hosted at the old site, which will probably close down once my subscription ends).

Rather than just create a copy of that old wallpaper page on the current site, I've decided to give each image a day on the front page, where they're more likely to be noticed and maybe even commented on. That should help me with the production of new wallpapers and new formats for the old ones - if people ask for versions that fit on a giant screen like the high-end ones at the Apple store, I'll create them.

Of course, like all the other non-comic content that has been posted since the start of Invasion, the wallpapers will be moved out of the story archives eventually, going to a Downloads page which will also list the ROCR ebooks (or ebook, at this point).

This first wallpaper is from 2005 and is based on the end of the Rite of Serfdom storyline. It was coloured for me by Jamie Robertson of Clan of the Cats and used in an advertising campaign. I should get back to him and ask him if he still has the ad graphics, which I've since lost.

Sooo.... do my posts get

Sooo.... do my posts get automatic front page exposure or is it just a slow news day?Tongue out

Pretty picture!

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Slow day helps too...


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On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

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