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ComicPressing: A Blog for Webcomic Website Developers

The ComicPressing blog is active again now that it is at the official ComicPress site. It's not just for users of the ComicPress theme but helpful for anyone developing their own comic Websites.

There is a recent post about setting up "Subscribe Buttons" on your site that add your comic feed to various online readers. Also on the topic of feeds, there is a post about Feedburner, which monitors the stats of your feed. It is directed towards the WordPress plugin, but Feedburner works for any feed.

Some other topics featured at the site you might find helpful:

Edit CSS In Real Time - A Firefox plugin with the ability to make changes to your CSS Stylesheet and see the changes happen on-the-fly.

CSS Viewer - Firefox plugin that lets you hover areas of the page for the CSS info on them.

Fav Icon - Some info on setting up the little favorites icon that appears next to the URL for your domain.

Statcounter - An "invisible" more robust alternative to Extreme Tracking for monitoring your visitors.