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Developers, Look: Webcomics Nation API

The Webcomics Nation API will allow, among other things:

  1. Posting comics, blogs, etc., to any WCN-engine powered site from any CMS or blogging tool with WCN API support.
  2. Delivering certain public data (comics or blog posts, traffic numbers for individual comics, favorites lists, etc.) to robots, spiders, and other CMS's who know how to ask for it and have permission to do so.

So there's that!

I've been working quite a bit in the background, and I've decided that I am ready to take one of two steps:

  1. Start out simply by extending the LiveJournal xml-rpc client-server API (in a manner similar to the way that the Metaweblog API extends the Blogger API). There are disadvantages (it's not RESTful), and advantages (it's the only currently-existing API I have seen that has hooks for many of the social networking features -- friends lists, friends groups, etc. -- that are going to be fundamental to WCN 2.0). Documentation here.
  2. Start out by extending the Atom API. Here, the primary disadvantage is the same as the primary advantage: it's less fully-formed, and capable of doing much more ultimately; but it's less fully-formed, which gives the inexperienced API developer (me) fewer starting-points and structural foundations to build something useful (as opposed to something chaotic and messy).

I need advice. Also thoughts, comments, and questions, especially from those out there developing their own Webcomics Content Management Systems, automated hosting services, and/or spider-powered portals (like or the webcomics list). I've set up a Yahoo Group for discussion around the WCN API. Hopefully, like the Blogger API (which is in use in many, many "competing" systems, like WordPress and LiveJournal), development of a fully functioning WCN API will be helpful to everybody. Thanks!