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The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

This is a funny show, if you like hidden camera shows. I've probably seen four or five episodes since the show started in 2002, so I can't say I'm a regular watcher. One thing I noticed about the gags is they end with Jamie saying "You've been x-ed". The person being pranked is dumbfounded, because no-one knows what that means. If you've been "punk'd" at least you can infer that a trick has been pulled on you. Or if "You're on Candid Camera" explains the entire premise of what just happened.

After standing around with a blank expression for a few seconds, Jamie would have to explain the premise of being on a hidden camera show. I don't know who made the executive decision to try and force the "You've been x-ed" catch phrase, but it doesn't make any sense in the English language. Just as I was getting into the show, I found out it has been cancelled. I thought the show had been on the air five years now, but it was cancelled, so only three seasons were made. I guess this is why I never see the show advertised.

But that won't be the end of Jamie Kennedy. He's one of those underappreciated comedians who found a way to tap into new ideas that kids can relate to. He's quite a talented writer, and has carried that creative energy into the rap music world with Stu Stone and some catchy songs. Maybe it's time for a Super Unit 5000 flow diagram to illustrate

circle circle dot dot, I've got my cootie shot

Circle Circle Dot Dot is a schoolyard rhyme about cooties that has been corrupted and updated for modern 6th graders. The video is made by a fan, using stop-motion and legos. These homemade videos are a blast to watch. Stu Stone is a better rapper than Jamie, but probably must live in Jamies shadow. But, that isn't a bad place to be. Stu tackles the more complicated lyrics, and his skill is obvious.

If you don't believe that Jamie Kennedy should be taken seriously, that Super Unit 5000 flow diagram proves the serious nature of his work. Jamie Kennedy, you've been "Super Unit 5000'd".