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Two more wallpapers, fundraiser update, art for sale

Two more wallpapers went up this weekend:

Do You Know the Way to the Office of Rites?; and
Witches' Sabbath.

This time around, I won't repeat what's in the blurbs. I'll also be moving the materials to the new Downloads section first thing tomorrow morning. The reason for that is that I was showing the site to some visitors to the studio today, and I found that the wallpapers did interfere with the flow of the site too much. They need their day in the sun, but no more than that.

Like before, the wallpapers are free to use, but if you like them and use them, please consider donating to my fundraiser to help me cover expenses in June. The fundraiser is going pretty well, but we're only just past the halfway point of what I need to cover rent and council taxes. Donating gives you access to bonus material, and for every $ 80 donated during the fundraiser, I'll add one update to the schedule for June.

Also, I'm working on selling some art online. Today, I got one piece listed on the Webcomicsnation Swapmeet; you can buy the original art for the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic for March 5, 2007 for $ 75 including shipping. There will be an A4 colour print of the finished page included.

Tomorrow, I'll set up a large number of Swapmeet listings for original line art, starting with all the pages that Calvin Bexfield did backgrounds on. Those are, on the whole, a lot better than my solo pages, which just goes to show how much he adds to the art. I'll try to set up as many as I can in an hour or so. I have to say, though, that I find Webcomicsnation's Swapmeet interface clunky and restrictive. You can't set up horizontal thumbnails, you can't upload larger previews, and you can't even use HTML in the description to link to the page as it appeared on the website. On the other hand, it's been around for a few years now, and it works. And the service came with my free WCN account. I will look into getting my pages listed on Comicspace's art market - it's a subscription-only service, but I guess I can scrape together the funds now to get a one-month trial subscription. It looks like it'll be a more convenient, efficient way to list original art - especially if it allows me to use alternate images for original galleries (i.e. a user looking at, say, this Headsmen page can click on "buy this page" and see the original artwork on the purchase page), But even if it doesn't allow that, setting up a separate gallery of "raw" line art is likely to be easier in Comicspace than WCN. I'll see about it.

The petulant edit is now

The petulant edit is now gone.And I will never see the evil Web 2.0 editors again on this site, for I have set Opera never to allow Javascript on Comixpedia again.

Bliss! Evil editor-from-hell-free, simple-input-form-based bliss!

That previous comment should

That previous comment should have had two paragraphs, not one.

After posting that petulant

After posting that petulant edit and inserting half a dozen carriage returns behind each paragraph, it suddenly looked halfway decent. Then when I tried to remove the edit, the horrible horrible rich text editor messed it all up again.