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Alma Mater finishes its first school year!

The first year's worth of Alma Mater comics has now been completed. It's been a fun year, and I look forward to catching up with my characters when they enter the seventh grade this fall.

Alma Mater's Alexis DarrowIn the meantime, I have planned a whole summer's worth of material, including poems, tutorials, and bonus artwork. It should be fun, and will give me an opportunity to display work that I couldn't fit in to the comic itself.

Finally, if you have thought about submitting a guest strip or entering the iPod contest, be sure to do it soon. Contest entries must be submitted by June 8th, while guest strips should be submitted by June 15th. For more instructions, take a look at my News Page.


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Well, there will be new content, including some comics, but I won't be posting (non-guest) comics featuring the characters; given the school theme, it seemed better to take a "summer vacation" along with my characters and focus on rebuilding my buffer.




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Good job finishing out the year.

No no comics during the summer? Bummer.