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Help Develop ComicPress (No Experience Necessary)

The recently released ComicPress 2.0 BE has proven to be a pretty solid theme for publishing a comic with WordPress. It's been embraced by the lovely Meredith Gran for her delightful new comic Octopus Pie, it's now syndicating Comic Book Challenge winning Hero By Night at DJ Coffman's Creator's Blog, Cat Garza will be back in Webcomics with it later this month at his Magic Inkwell, and a handful of other well-known comics will be sporting customized versions of it later this summer.

Publishing comics is much like blogging, being that it is regular content published to the web, so it makes sense to use a blogging system (especially with the way the Web is being fueled by and simultaneously catering to the almighty blog and feeds). WordPress has become a very popular blogging system, it has enormous backing and support (including plugins, communities and helpful sites), and it will continue to be updated with the latest in Web technologies far into the future... so it is a good system to go with.

That brings us back to ComicPress, which is merely a front-end to optimize WordPress for publishing comics and provides an easily editable theme to get it looking just how you want it. Still, it requires a lot of work in the development of the theme to get specific navigation and archiving features running smoothly.

The 2.0 BE version really set the stage for the theme and has a good solid structure to it. But there are many little things that could be improved and/or added to make it magical. ;) There is currently a list being created on the proposed changes for version 2.1. If you have ideas for what should be included on any great Webcomic site, please feel free to give your input, now is your time to see it happen. It may literally change the face of your Webcomic reading experience, or of your own Webcomic site - Version 2.1 Development: To-Do List.

In edition to new features, another goal is to make it simpler to use and customize in order to help comic creators without as much Website development know-how to get a site launched. One new feature will be Widgets which will allow the creator to drag and drop features in the sidebar from the WP Admin panel.