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Evil Overlords United and Cameo Comic strike 100 Strips

Evil Overlords United and Cameo Comic, two major players in the Crossover Wars have both hit their 100th strip this last week.

EOU is the product of artist Ti-Phil, who creates The Volet, Net who has written a multitude of projects including Tales of the Traveling Gnome, Knights of Vestria, Tales of Pylea and Superfreaks, and the colorist Mravac Kid.

Cameo Comic is the product of Caitlin Woods of Dog and Pony and Human Decency. The writers are Hogan of The Webcomic Crossover and Cameo Archive and Net (mentioned above). While the creators are captured and at the hands of the Evil Overlords United in the story line, they have taken on temporary guest artist, Gothia (known as Aggie in the strip) from American Gothic Daily.

Both comics update daily, their story lines playing off each other and woven into various other comics as well. On the average day, there are ten to fifteen different comics participating. Participation ranges from a small cameo, to being part of a larger story line. This week for example, Sal and Harvoc of Emergency Exit will be featured in Cameo Comic, while EOU has been dealing with Panel 2 Panel and Mindmistress.

Congrats guys on your 100th Strips!

It's well worth reading.

It's well worth reading. Heck, I even reviewed the entire Crossover Wars a month back... this one is even bigger (at this point) than Damonk's little "Great Framed Escape" back in '01.

Naturally he'll have to one-up CW in a few years. If he ever starts updating again. ;)

Rob H.