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Webcomics Are Cool!

As our potent and fearsome leader Xerexes pointed out in his most recent post here, too many people are all "Dude, webcomics suck!", "Comics fans are weirdos disconnected from the real world!", "The webcomics community sucks!" and so on and so forth. So I thought I would use my Blogging PowersTM to discuss why I think webcomics are the coolest thing since something else really cool happened.

  • Webcomics are cool because comics are cool. Plain and simple. The use of images in sequence is the best way to tell certain kinds of stories, and as a form of story telling it helps us understand our selves and our world better, escape from the mundanity of our current existence, and laugh at ourselves. These are all cool things.
  • Webcomics are cool because the web is cool. Think about it. Everyday, thousands of bits of information are instantly avaialble to you simply by pressing a few buttons. You don't have to go anywhere, or buy anything, or even wear anything (I am certainly not). You want comics? Pow! Comics. That's cool. And these comics can have any panel design, layout, colorization the creator wants. There is the possibility for infinite variation. This doesn't make print comics less cool, but it is most certainly cool.
  • Webcomics are cool because webcomic fans are cool. Are you a webcomics fan? No, not you, but that guy right next you. Yes? See, he's cool, so I am clearly correct. In all seriousness though, webcomics fans are good people. They believe enough in what they like they are willing to voluntarily support it. Voluntarily support it to the extent that some artists can support themselves solely on donations. That's cool. They are no more snippy, crazy, or annoying than any other group of fans, and as of yet webcomics fans have never started a riot, murdered anyone, or otherwise committed an utterly unspeakable act for their object of adoration. That's cool. Well, its not uncool anyway.
  • Webcomics are cool because they can target niches. In other forms of delivery, there is simply not enough interested people to support comics written explicitly for airline pilots, librarians, transgender persons, etc. But on the web, any little group with a artistically inclined member can have a comic that speaks to their needs and their experiences. That is cool.
  • Webcomics are cool because they are DIY. Webcomics are not elitist. Anyone can do them, and the only deciding factor in regards to their success is the ability of their creator to get them in front of interested eyes. Yes, DIY means some comics will be better than others and not everything will have that professional glean, but it also means you get a mainline of ideas straight from their source, no gate keepers standing in the way. This leaves open the possibility for something truly unique, truly fantastic to appear you didn't even know you were waiting for.

I could go on and on, but I have to move on to uncomic related things. But next time you want to hate on the things that suck about webcomics, remember that their are alot of things that don't suck too.


Am I the only person that thinks this way, or is the statement "Let's prove whatever] is cool!" the worst way to prove something is cool? What's the point anyway?

It's not like you'll manage to persuade the people that originally wrote the "let's hate on webcomics" articles.
Sometimes we have to to face the fact that many people do not enjoy the same things as we do. There will
always be those that hate webcomics, the same way there are those who hate Wikipedia, those who hate
religion, those who hate sports and so on and so on.

Don't get me wrong, now - I enjoy webcomics as much as the next guy - but making an article about how cool webcomics are, that only webcomickers will read, isn't that much different from sending yourself fanmail.

Saying webcomics suck is the same thing...

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Was this shameless fanboy webcomic love on a site devoted to webcomics? Yes. Does that make it somewhat masterbatory? Sure. Is that bad? I don't think so. I think it is important for people who like comics, or webcomics, to remember why they like the things in the first place. I wanted, in a small and clumsy way, to try to put our gripes in perspective. That's all. And I framed it as "webcomics are cool" because Xerxes put it as "Webcomics suck!" because of a comment made during a WCCA arguement.

Actually none of my comments

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Actually none of my comments had anything to do with the WCCAs.


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Sorry if I misrepresented...

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I was under the impression the recent flurry of "webcomics suck" was related at least in part to the whole Vede attacks Penny Arcade, PVP attacks the Vede, partisans shooy it out at the Digital Strips corral, (the most recent place the phrase "webcomics suck" was busted out, which was made inreference to what Kurtz said about webcomics during a discussion of the WCCAs and it made a bnig stink about the phrase. And since the phrase was used I used my own crummy webcomics are cvool phrase. I was not claiming any of this actually had anything to do with the WCCAs. And maybe I am completely nuts. :shrug:

If it were 1992 or 1993

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If it were 1992 or 1993 again and I had this webcomics and internet thing like it is now, i no doubt would have launched one of the worst looking webcomics ever! But it would have been awesome and exciting for me and my friends.

It's easy to just look at everything out there and say it looks like crap, alot of it does, but when you take into account that there are different levels of skills and experience at play it gives you a different perspective.

I really believe that this NEXT generation of comic artists, the ones who are 13 or 14 now and looking into webcomics, are going to be the ones to really revolutionize comics as a whole. And that's exciting to sit back and watch as a longtime comics fan.

Its nice to know that there's a future!

DJ Coffman- cartoonist -

Not only that...

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But worst is a matter of perspective. Most peoples comics really exist only to please themselves and their friends, like a blog. In that I am sure alot of "crappy" comics are very successful.