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Silly Daddy, Sweet Sixteen

The eclectic comic series, Silly Daddy turns sixteen years old this year.

Loosely centered around family and pop culture, Joe Chiappetta finds it easier than most cartoonists to track the age of his Xeric award winning comic. The partly profound and partly silly comic was started in 1991 as an autobiographical series in the same year that his first daughter was born. Whenever Silly Daddy wants to know how old his comic is, he just asks his daughter, "Hey, Maria, how old are you?"

Silly Daddy Family Timer, comic by Joe Chiappetta

Called "crude, but amazing" by Dave Sim, Silly Daddy comics have gone through a variety of formats in their sixteen years, from mini-comics to comic books to graphic novels and into its current format, webcomics. Since 2004, these webcomics have been posted at, currently with a new comic daily to celebrate the sweet sixteen milestone. Happily married with three children and a lifelong resident of the Chicago suburbs, Joe may be almost forty years old himself, but his comic is only a teenager.