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News-Free Funny Pages

The Daily Cartoonist is reporting on Randall Vanfossen's monthly publication "News Free Comics" which prints a number of comic strips. (I know I've seen a publication before that just ran comic strips but I can't remember it's name)

I'm not sure what the need is to pay for a paper that would deliver to me every month the newspaper strips I can already read in print or on the web the actual day they're published. The widespread availability of all newspaper strips on the web makes this approach even less valuable (I can imagine in days of yore getting this if it carried a strip I couldn't get in a local newspaper).

What would be interesting is if someone (oh like say a syndicate) put together an insert of comics that would be included in major newspapers around the country. I can imagine such an insert giving comics larger and better spacing on the page. But it's hard to believe no one's ever looked into this so I suspect the economics of doing it must be pretty lousy.