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uclick to Launch Mobile Phone Comic - Thunder Road

I saw the press release from uclick about Thunder Road which uclick is claiming is "the first North American comic book ever produced exclusively for a mobile phone debut." I'm not sure I buy that without some feedback from all of you smart readers out there. It's certainly not the first comic produced for a phone and I'd be surprised if it was the first original content produced for a phone so I don't see what they're getting at. It's a comic on a phone - by definition therefore - IT's NOT A COMIC BOOK.

I really would have gotten the rest of the press release but silly hyperbole tends to derail my train of thought...


Re: uclick to Launch Mobile Phone Comic - Thunder Road

Hi xerexes!

Came across your post after following a series of links. ~Each one more diabolical than the next!~

For whatever its worth, I back up what TCampbell was saying. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first North American comic made for a cell. (And yeah, if we counted Asia, no way we could claim dibs on being first. The cell comic market is huge over there) Also, FWIW, I drew THUNDER ROAD like a traditional comic, on 11x17 bristol, all hand inked and stuff. All the layouts were done around a 2x3 grid of cell screen shaped rectangles. We're planning on putting it out on paper eventually, so I had to design it for both cell and paper, which was a major pain in my ass.

I think the cell comic not being a comic book is kind of splitting hairs. (and will be moot when TR hits print) But I'll call it a cell comic if that helps any. (I can't control what uclick says, though. :) )



Re: uclick to Launch Mobile Phone Comic - Thunder Road

FWIW, I talked to uclick's Jeff Webber for an upcoming BF broadcast, and he says it is the first comic actually produced for mobile phone display in North America (note that the release says nothing about Asia).

One thing makes this claim more believable: producing visual content for mobile phones is currently insanely difficult. You think it's tough to factor 800x600 and 1024x768 into your designs? Try a hundred tiny screens, none of them the exact same size.

When I was with Clickwheel we got through about two rounds of meetings on the subject before we ran screaming into the comforting arms of the iPod.