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Ataraxia Theatre's First Year as a Webcomic

Joseph Hewitt's anthology series Ataraxia Theatre has just celebrated its first anniversary as a webcomic.

Ataraxia Theatre began in 1993 as a minicomic. After four relatively successful issues and a number of side projects, the series went on hiatus when its creator got a real job. In 2006 Joseph Hewitt decided to bring Ataraxia Theatre back to life through the magic of the internet. He put all the old strips online and started work on new material.

Ataraxia is defined as the peace of mind brought about through the suspension of judgment. Theatre is a place where people do funny things for your amusement. Bring the two comics together and you have an odd collection of humorous stories spanning many different genres and styles. Ataraxia Theatre updates three times a week.