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New pen, new(ish) site, new hope

I keep forgetting the link, so I'll do it before I forget -

 What have I done recently? I'll tell:

  • Deleted all old comics that I loathed
  • Ditched old Parker Rollerball pen and bought a fancy Kuretake Brush pen, which is the best thing I have ever bought, bar cookies
  • Little re-jig of the site
  • Haven't done any posting here

The last one is something I have problems with; I feel kind of weird just posting to say "hey, check my comic out!", or "I'm jerking off in public, come see!".  I know this is the way things are done, but...I don't know.  It's like I'm those guys who hand out leaflets and pamphlets, but I know that no-one is really that bothered and will just throw the flyer in the garbage ten feet away.  I don't want to give you guys more garbage.