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The Good Ship Chronicles, or Tauhid Bondia, Don't Break My Heart (Again)

You ever have that one love affair that haunts you for years? You get together, have some great times together, everything's going great, and then BAM! you lose your heart when they suddenly break up with you without warning. "It's not you, it's me." So you go your separate ways, swearing you'll never fall for that routine again, but a year or so later, BAM! they're back, and you're head-over-heels and bound for heartache. Well, Tauhid Bondia's back on the scene with a new webcomic, the Good Ship Chronicles, and here I am like a fool, head over heels again.

I first encountered Bondia's work through Spells & Whistles, a satirical fantasy comic that he started, cancelled and restarted at least three times. It was funny, it was clever, it was controversial at points, and even though none of the storylines ever got close to completion, I just couldn't stay away. And there was his stint on Team Special Olympics' And It Don't Stop -- even though the comic didn't stop until it reached the slam-bang-finish, Bondia's stint on it as a collaborator did much earlier. And in there as well, Suzie View, which he and Erik McCurdy created for six months between 2004 and 2005 in a bid for syndication. Also announced, promoted and currently shelved is his Lowdown Joe Brown.

And you see, there's the real source of this whine. Bondia comes up with very funny scenarios and very creative plots, and dammit, I'm greedy and selfish and I want to read the whole thing.

So here I am and here we are, 21 pages into the Good Ship Chronicles, a satirical take on the tired field of space opera as seen through a "mockumentary" day-in-the-life-of lens. It's got simultaneously likable and despicable characters, strong character design, and funny writing. It's brand new, and it's already sucked me in.

So here's my plea, Mr. Bondia: Don't break my heart again. You've got something strong started here. Don't stop up until the credits roll.

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Wow! It certainly does my ego a service to be mistaken for comic creating amalgamation of such high calibre creators but sorry to dissapoint. It's just me. Starslip is simply the best space comic out there right now and Kris is enjoy a lot of success becsue of it. However there are a few guys, myself included who are hot on his heels. Well hot on his tracks anyway he's pretty far ahead of us right now... and the trail is kinda worn from way back, we lose it alot... in fact it might be a deer or a large dog but we're definitely following in the footsteps of something! Anyway my point is you're bound to see some similarities in any two strips that share a genre, it's how you can easily identify the genre. I certainly draw inspriation from Kris (and Futurama, and Star Trek and Firefly and The office and Reno 911...) but I really think people who read both strips will be satisfying two entirely different appetites.

Re: The Good Ship Chronicles, or Tauhid Bondia, Don't Break My H

Forgive me if this sounds totally off-the-wall, but is this strip created by Kris Straub under a pseudonym? Possibly with the aid of Gabe and Tycho at Penny Arcade?

If it's not then this probably sounds mega weird, but there are several similarities that Good Ship Chronicles has to Starslip Crisis, and Penny Arcade (especially looking back at some of Tauhid Bonida's earlier works.)

The captain even has the same hair and mannerisms as the captain in Starslip. After Kris's Starshift/Starslip hoax, I can't be too careful!

Re: The Good Ship Chronicles, or Tauhid Bondia, Don't Break My H

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Ha! Funny idea but no Tauhid is a real person who has had several comics out before.

His style of art is certainly polished and in some sense there are some similarities with Gabe but they are the kind of aspects of art that aren't unique to Gabe at all.

Other than the setting on a spaceship though I don't think this is much like Starslip at all. For one thing the characters on Good Ship seem much rougher and less one-dimensional. That's not meant to be a slam at Kris and Starslip but Kris' writing to me usually feels like the characters serve purposes to the joke and the story more than that I really get invested in them as characters.



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I discovered Good Ship Chronicles recently, and yes, it's pretty good. Good luck with it, Tauhid.
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But yeah I totally understand your concerns. I know I have a lot to prove this go around. Frankly I wouldn't even be able to muster up the courage to show my face around the net if I wasn't supremely confident in this feature. As my wife once said: S&W was like my highschool girlfriend. She was the first one that let me go all the way and I stayed with her because I didn't know anything else. The whole relationship was clumsy, emotionally taxing, white hot with passion but also doomed to end as we matured. GSC is like the one I met after a few more years of experience and gaining had a clearer idea of what I wanted (fyi Lowdown Joe brown was too much woman for me. She left me probably for a much more able creator). This new thing is still risky and exciting but it's built on something more solid than "Hey, I think I'll do a webcomic." As such I'm able to give it more of the priority it deserves. After all if you never treat your art like it matters then it will never be more than a hobbie.


Re: You can't tame me!!!

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I just read the archive this morning. I like it! Your art continues to be strong and I like the mix of characters you've got going.


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On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

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