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Dylan Meconis and Periscope Studio

Pub Weekly has a nice story on Portland's Periscope Studio which depending on how you look at it is either a (loosely organized) company or a coop arrangement amongst artists for space and supplies. (Btw - former ComixTalk columnist and all-around excellent (web)comic creator Dylan Meconis gets namechecked in the article.)

I'm posting though to raise the more general question of whether this kind of arrangement would be useful to more groups of people in various cities. Anyone else in a similar arrangement that can pass on some advice, positive and/or negative stories, and just more thoughts on the subject. There's good stuff to working at home but I've often thought how sometimes you get more done when you're somewhere "else".

Re: Dylan Meconis and Periscope Studio

grantcthomas's picture

". . . it's really hard to not produce when everybody else is producing around you." I feel like back when I was putting up a comic each week and reading other comics who's creators I respected and had similar interests as me, there was a bit of competative streak that came out of me. It was like I was trying to do one better than the people I was reading and I didn't want to miss an update, because that would put me behind on showing off. I doubt that I influenced other artists, but seeing everybody else come up with great ideas each week helped me push my craft a little further.