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Help Me Write a Better Comixpedia (org) Entry at Comixpedia (org)

Now that there's a comixtalk (news) and a comixpedia (wiki) I went into the various entries at comixpedia ( trying to clean it up.

I'm looking at the Comixpedia entry and in looking at this page, it does seem a bit skewed given that there's been almost 2 years of existence of the site since it's launch.  It seems that the entry should have an initial section that is more about the project as it exists today - what the scope is, etc.  This needs to be written in the current tense and free of info about how the site started.

There should be a "history" bit after that.  I would keep a section on the inspiration for the project which generally was a reaction to the ongoing deletion of webcomic entries at Wikipedia.  There is no dispute that Eric Burns' blog post was the first public airing of the idea of a separate site for webcomics but I am not sure it should be taken out of the context of the overall interest and commentary going on across webcomics at that time.  Eric wrote the most public piece of a larger puzzle.

Second, I think it would be appropriate to add a section on the actual launch of the project.  I did the heavy lifting on setting up the site and navigating the path of trying to bridge the gap between those who wanted to copy Wikipedia (without the notability policy towards webcomics) and others with no interest in Wikipedia (or knowledge of its policies) who wanted to create entries on webcomics and creators.  Eric Burns did not participate in the actual work of setting up this site.  Burns is a great writer (and contributed much to what is now ComixTalk) and he's contributed much to webcomics, but I do think we need to be clear about his contribution to this site.  And there are other people who did a lot of work at the start - right now I recall Kiba and Nifboy clearly (I'm certainly forgetting 3-5 folks).  There should be some mention of that.


My initial thoughts in looking at it - if anyone wants to add/discuss please reply here.  Thanks.