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2008 Brinkerhoff Calendar available now

While toiling in relative obscurity, sometimes it's good to check off the days you're whiling away. That's why no self-respecting cubicle, dorm room, kitchenette, or jail cell would be complete with a 2008 Brinkeroff calendar. How much wasted youth will you be bemoaning after 2008? Get this calendar and find out!

Appropriately titled, "Another Year of This Crap", the 2008 Brinkerhoff calendar hangs around with you all year long and provides a laugh several times a month.

It features some of my favorite early strips and reminds you that every Wednesday is Waveday. It's a great way to support an indy comic and a handy way to remind you call your Mom, eat a vegetable, or take your pill.

Pick up your calendar today at