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Mega Sci-Fi Crossover at Starslip Crisis

I'm doing a brand-new Saturday-only storyline in full color that I hope gets a good turnout from the sci-fi webcomics crowd. It takes place in the year 3438, before the events of Starslip Crisis. Vanderbeam has been captain of the Fuseli for a few years, and has recently taken on Cutter Edgewise, a former pirate, as the navigator of the finest starship art museum in the galaxy.

Okay, who cares about the setup. It's going to feature interwebcomic space battles. It's one huge fanboy crossover in the vein of "who would win -- the Enterprise or a Star Destroyer?"

If you have a sci-fi webcomic with a spaceship in it, you can submit your ship and crew to be involved! The form to fill out is on the guide page here. Read the terms, and join in! And check back every Saturday to see the plot developments!

Re: Mega Sci-Fi Crossover at Starslip Crisis

David Simon's picture

I'm really looking forward to this!

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