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Review of IComic Reader for Macs

Dirk Deppey directs us to a story on the I-Comic application to read webcomics.

Just as interesting are some of the comments to the story. Is I-Comics a nifty tool for reading webcomics or simply enabling republication without the creator's consent?

Re: Review of IComic Reader for Macs

Why is it a binary? Some comics syndicate, or consent to syndication, and some don't. Some need advertising or merch notices to survive; some just exist as part of a bloated layout, and could desperately use tools like this as a way of cutting bandwith costs; some are both of those...

This is what gets me about aggregation tool arguments -- either/or doesn't work for a number of these beasties.

Me, I just want a toy RSS feed or ten full of update notifications for strips whose maintainers are opposed to this sorta thing (or haven't taken a stand), particularly if they don't tend towards regular updates for whatever reason. I don't need all the images harvested and served to me on a platter, but I'd like something more reliable than minor rant updates to tell me when I should be checking back.