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The Southern Cross Special Edition - available now through

After much time & deliberation The Golden Age Southern Cross' adventures are collected now for the first time, in full colour, & available on

Average bloke Gordon Russell, who stars in The Southern Cross radio serial, through a strange twist of fate actually becomes the character in real life & there you have the premise for The 'Golden Age' Southern Cross. Gordon finds himself facing saboteurs, siding with secret agents & an evil plot to assasinate the Prime Minister! Told in the 'Golden Age' tradition of Jack Kirby & Will Eisner this story features all the thrills & excitement of yesteryear, when men were men & nasty was spelt 'N-A-Z-I'.

This 62 page trade paperback is priced competitively with other mainstream graphic novels & makes for an attractive showpiece on the bookshelf.

Just follow the link -

The magic is yours to own - & check out the on-line adventures at