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The Sky Kayak

skykayak.jpgZip and Li'l Bit are back in an all-new story called The Sky Kayak! The new Website just launched yesterday with the very first page. Updates will continue at Zip and Bit's usual schedule of Sundays and Thursdays. Come along and see what sort of craziness they'll get themselves into this time.

Also you can still read Zip and Li'l Bit's previous story, The Upside-Down Me, now at it's own site. Both sites, built on the ComicPress theme, now feature commenting, a visual page archive and an updated zoom feature that allows you to enlarge any comic panel and then read through the panels at double the size.

So be sure to check out The Upside-Down Me as well as The Sky Kayak at their new sites! Zip and Li'l Bit are part of Lunchbox Funnies, all-ages comics for everyone.